Old Wisconsin sausage snacks are smoked over real hardwood fires in Sheboygan, Wisconsin for an authentic north woods flavor. But in the crowded category, Old Wisconsin needed to get more people aware and trying their products.


We brought the Old Wisconsin experience to the people. Fusion92 developed a sampling and testimonial campaign unlike any other. We created a traveling Wisconsin smokehouse that gives anyone a chance to step into the north woods.

Inside, wilderness scenes and sounds surround you, along with the taste of Old Wisconsin products and a real, wood-burning smokestack. We immersed the senses in the feel of a rustic north woods smokehouse.

After taking the smokehouse to the streets of Chicago, capturing people’s reactions, we created a series of “tastemonial” videos, which we promoted across Facebook, Youtube and Instagram.


With a budget much leaner than the competition in the category, we were able to drive high brand engagement and efficient reach across Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. And the popularity of the smokehouse has made it an ongoing icon for the brand, continuing to travel to events across the country.


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