Innovation is the core of Fusion92. We've called it different things throughout the years, but it's realized through our behavior, mindset, culture, people and environment. It's no accident that we're where we are today.

Every job, role, task and project can have innovation applied to it.








What innovation looks like
Smart window

Interactive Car Window

When you’re unveiling a new car with brand-new, top-of-the-line technology, you don’t just make a booth with flyers. You make the most technologically interactive car show display ever. The Mazda Smart Window. An innovative, interactive display built right into the window, mirroring the innovative technology inside.

Southern living

Custom NFC Readers

AT&T came to us asking for help with a promotion inside the Southern Living home of the year. It was a beautiful house people actively came to see. So, we encouraged people to engage the brand through NFC technology. We created a scavenger hunt. By interacting with TVs placed throughout the home, the visitors received factoids and on completion were entered in a sweepstakes, making a simple promotion a fun and engaging experience.

Vision Touch

Bosch Transparent LCD

The Bosch 18V Lithium power drill… Lithium ion battery, light-weight construction, tougher than nails. This thing is so advanced, it needed a display right out of the future to explain it. One that was interactive, educational, and just damn cool

Software Unlock

Rights-Managed Protection

We created a patented software-protection algorithm to deliver software right to you in a safe and secure environment. Using our technology, H&R Block was able to get software into the hands of their customer, where it matters, at home. Inventions made. H&R Block delivered. Taxes, done.

Hologon Viewer

Hologon Direct Mail

We all spend hours engaging with content on our phones. So how do you make that content stand out even more? Take it off the screen. And that’s what we did by making our patented hologram technology easy and accessible. A way to elevate your image.

Hologon Retail

In-Store Display

Bigger, more engaging, more possibilities. There’s no tricks, bigger is just better. And by making the Hologon even larger, we increased the ability for you to elevate your image in-store. There’s nothing more engaging than a hologram on a retail display.

Mobile brochure

AT&T Phone In Print

We innovate at every given opportunity. When AT&T came to us for a direct mail piece, we pushed to make it more than just that. So instead of just any old direct mail brochure, we created one that could call an AT&T rep for you, eliminating the gap between company and customer.


Patented IP-Based TV

Here’s the thing, there’s a lot of barriers when it comes to potential customers testing out AT&T’s cable service. Green zones and infrastructural issues. So, we solved that. By building a patented router you could just plug in your cable box. Just like that, we delivered U-verse. A simple solution to get AT&T into impenetrable areas.


Access Point Delivery

H&R Block® makes doing your taxes a breeze. So easy, in fact, you can do them on the fly. Literally. Got nothing better to do on a flight? Connect to an H&R Block offline access point and download the software. In a coffee shop and you got a sec? Same thing. All without Internet. Because, filing your taxes should be as easy as possible.


ADS Lanyard

The thing about direct mail is, to be effective it has to be delivered. A great piece won’t have any impact if it doesn’t reach the person it’s intended for. Luckily, we made a solve for that. A lanyard that scans every time the mailer is delivered, offering you proof of delivery and making sure your voice is heard.



When it comes to connecting people with your content, it should be effortless for your audience. Even easier than typing in the URL. That’s what we thought, so we went ahead and created USB webkeys – autolaunchers that take you directly to a URL. Because when some things are easier, they’re better.


Popup AR Viewer

Augmented Reality. Sounds fancy. You’d be surprised what you can do with a good idea, the capabilities to design, construct, make real that idea and a patent or two. With this design, we made it possible to put AR in the hands of anyone and everyone. Used for whatever you need it for.



A good staff gets better with more incentivization. We made that easy. And gamified. Because why not? An app that incentivizes staff, delivers rewards and provides real-time measurement and engagement. Make your staff happier. Make yourself happier.


Walmart Intercept

Let’s stop doing things the old way. Especially when it comes to your software. No more double activation barcodes and irritating systems of redemption. It’s simple, you buy it, you activate it. Innovating how it should be.


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