After a groundbreaking competitor acquisition, Cboe made the decision to develop a new brand name, logo and company purpose for its rebirth as Cboe Global Markets. Fusion92 was charged with telling its integrated brand story of relentless product innovation, leading edge technology and seamless solutions through a global, multi-faceted campaign targeting employees, stakeholders and customers.


Building on the Cboe Global Markets name, logo and purpose, Fusion92 brought to life the unified brand’s story through an expanded visual language, full corporate brand standards and promotional elements such as videos and signage for both employee and external launches. New brand elements showcased a wave symbolizing power, potential energy, liquidity and adaptability, plus a wink at the brand’s position at the  leading edge of the marketplace.


- Campaign engagements exceeded those driven from Cboe's home site for the first time, and the new digital creative outperformed previous creative CTR by 66%.

- The campaign’s branding was clearly eye-catching and memorable: 17% of those exposed to the advertising say they have heard of Cboe vs. just 8% of the control group. The creative campaign raised significant awareness of the Cboe brand, resulting in a 113% uplift, attributed to strong branding.

- Ad recall was impressive: 9% of those exposed say they recall seeing it online vs. just  2.8% of the control group.

- Financial professionals were more likely to find the creative believable, to remember it was for Cboe and to agree that it differentiated Cboe from its competitors.