As vaccinations rolled out and quarantine protocols eased, the 2021 holiday season presented an opportunity for people to invite smaller groups of friends and family back into their homes. As such, the pressure to host and prepare a meal that not only met but surpassed the anticipations and expectations of incoming guests were higher than ever.


To ease entertaining anxieties and help make this anticipated reunion as delicious as it would be memorable, Instant Brands helped customers discover amazing in the making by launching two new products that could — like all their products — elevate the way food is prepared: the Instant Vortex™ Plus Air Fryer with an edge-to-edge ClearCook window that lets you see the amazing happen and the Instant Dutch Oven with programed cooking presets that put a modern and approachable twist on a traditionally tricky way to cook. Highlighting the products as hero and incorporating elements of humanity throughout, we brought these products and their amazing capabilities to life across social and equipped people with everything they needed to prepare a meal that would wow.