CREATIVE, MEDIA & STUDIO440 case study


Once siloed as a B2B brand (Pathway) and a B2C brand (Thrive), this nationwide veterinary company was unifying under one name and needed to rebrand and reintroduce themselves both internally and externally, starting with their internal and B2B audiences.


Understanding that the veterinary field is one of the most difficult medical professions with far less reward and far more emotional sacrifice than most, we knew this was bigger than just updating logos and announcing a new name. We took this opportunity to help Pathway reintroduce themselves as Thrive Pet Healthcare with an entirely new B2B brand position—Care in Action.

We focused on the people who make up this industry and leaned heavily into what it takes to be a part of it. And we rooted ourselves into the principle of transitive care, meaning that by showing our care in actions for the veterinarians, veterinary assistants and technicians through benefit programs and other value proposition, we enable them to in turn provide the best care they can for pets and pet parents.

Looking forward to seeing the great results.