Remastered Tools For Master Craftsman

The Challenge

Bosch Tools North America was looking to dip their toe in the water of direct to consumer e-commerce with a site that would offer reconditioned tools to a discerning audience: professional power tool users. How do you convince someone who puts their tools through the wringer every day that a previously used power tool is as reliable and powerful as their newer alternative? Start with the name Bosch and their quality, precision and persistent attention to detail.

The Solution

Through extensive research and understanding of the craftsmen who put Bosch tools to the test every day, Fusion92 developed an e-commerce experience that positioned the tools not just as reconditioned, but remastered: made with the same demanding expectations as the professional grade tradesmen who depend on them.

The Results

Bosch Tools North America’s first foray into direct to consumer e-commerce has helped Bosch gain valuable insight into their consumers and developed a new revenue stream for the organization.