Making Data Storage Simple

The Challenge

Cleversafe solves the challenges of storing and accessing data at scale, across many industries with differing needs. But, the complexity of its product is hard to articulate in a non-technical manner.

In an industry cluttered with cloud clichés, Fusion92 was charged with demonstrating Cleversafe's value to IBM through digital campaigns that could generate online engagement, humanize the brand and drive booth visits at IBM’s Interconnect conference.

The Solution

Fusion92 created two unique campaigns that leveraged the human impact of Cleversafe’s products and "gamified" data storage:

• ran on Facebook and LinkedIn, leveraging key case study data to generate awareness.

• served as an interactive trivia game on Twitter and offline at InterConnect.

The Results

Both campaigns brought Cleversafe a major increase in overall website traffic. During the pre-show and at-show media spends, website traffic increased 347%, with post-show traffic seeing an overall increase of 200% from the previous month. Throughout the 12 days pre-show and at-show, the campaign generated 43,000 clicks from over 1.5 million impressions.

Moreover, Cleversafe and IBM were wowed by our ability to distill their product and offered to further our relationship through brand and trade show work.