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Born at the Dawn of a New EraBuilt to Shape What Comes Next

Founded in 1999 in Chicago as a digital-first company, Fusion92 has innovated and grown over the decades to evolve with the market and our client needs. Today, with hubs in Chicago, Detroit, Denver and Austin, we are a full-service, end-to-end marketing transformation partner adept at taking on any marketing challenge and helping our clients achieve exponential results in today’s digital economy.

Clockwise from top left: The Mart in downtown Chicago, Ambassador Bridge in Detroit, kayakers on Ladybird Lake in Austin, downtown Denver mural

A Name That TrulyDefines Us

Fusion [ fyoo-zhuhn ] n. A merging of diverse, distinct or separate elements into a unified whole.

Inspired by the 92 naturally occurring elements, our advantage comes not from any one area of expertise but from the unique ways we fuse them together to unlock new power and possibility.

Every AnswerStarts With the Right Questions

We're a diverse band of thinkers, dreamers and doers. Each one of our 270+ people brings unique experiences that shape and influence the success we achieve. We value and celebrate our differences, but above all, we celebrate the power and possibility that grows out of our shared curiosity for the world around us.

Our ApproachHow We Solve Your Business Challenges

Curious how we determine the best course to help your business grow? Everything we do is the result of collaboration, integration and process. Our thought leaders, category experts, makers and doers ideate across capabilities and are empowered with data and technological resources to go beyond what’s been done before. Where others see chaos, we see opportunity. To study. To parse. To unify. To understand. To navigate. And, ultimately, to FUSE together a bespoke solution that catalyzes our learnings into insights and action.

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Talent is our most powerful element. Get to know us on a personal level, discover more about our culture and see our current openings and opportunities.

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Let's Talk Transformation. Yours.

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