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A marketing transformation encompasses a holistic shift in a business's marketing strategy, operations and technology to more successfully engage with today's digital-first consumers. At Fusion92, we help our partners optimize new technologies, data analytics and interconnected digital marketing tactics to enhance customer experiences, increase efficiencies and fuel growth.

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Our Story01

All The Elements in One Dynamic State

Like atoms colliding in a reactor, we believe in the enormous power unleashed by diverse thinking united in a single goal. With data as a catalyst, we bring together every unique tool, product, idea and insight possible to create a new science of marketing.

Fusion [ fyoo-zhuhn ] n.

A merging of diverse, distinct or separate elements into a unified whole.


Inspired by the 92 naturally occurring elements, our advantage comes not from any one area of expertise but from the unique ways we fuse them together to unlock new power and possibility.

Our Approach02

An integrated approach.A singular focus.

Our formula starts with talent. We approach challenges by bringing together category experts and thought leaders in marketing, technology and data to ask questions and craft unique solutions. The result is new answers created by a diversity of thought and directed with precision to help your company succeed and grow.


Our Products03

Innovation IsIn Our DNA

We're not just problem-solvers; we're pioneers. Harnessing the power of data, we sculpt strategies that create, reach and speak directly to your target audiences, igniting unparalleled engagement and driving real results. Our track record of pushing boundaries and delivering measurable success speaks for itself. Let's transform your challenges into triumphs together.


Unlock enterprise potential with our cutting-edge CMS. Seamlessly integrate, personalize and optimize content at scale, ensuring governance, brand integrity and top-tier security.


Eliminate visitor anonymity and drive conversion rates with data-driven, insight-rich targeting strategies. Empower your marketing initiatives.


Improve retail and commerce localization with our proprietary, powerful digital circular platform.


World-class data and custom modeling, on-demand. Build high performance audiences in moments, not months via our AI SaaS platform.

Our Results04

Remarkable Brands,Measurable Results

For every action a brand takes, there is a reaction. We’re here to ensure that the reaction is explosive growth.

MercedesWe Drove $1 Billion in New Investments

$1BIn fund investments


We Inspired A Culture of Care

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H&R Block

We Reinvented Tax Prep 45 Million Times

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Ford Direct

We Tuned Up ROI By 400%+

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Fusion92 Future Series

Join our conversations with trendsetters and thought leaders where we explore topical trends, new technologies, innovative concepts, breakthrough industries and more.

Jeanette Turner

Advisor to Fintech & RegTech Companies Product Counsel • Regulatory Expert

Our Latest Event05

Igniting a Curious Mindset for Ongoing Innovation 

Jeanette Turner, JD, CAIA speaks with Jacob Beckley, EVP of Product & Innovation at Fusion92 about the journey of Estonia’s digital revolution, addressing takeaways to inspire fresh, unobstructed ideas to bubble up across the challenges in our lives and as we help clients solve their toughest challenges.


Talent is Our MostPowerful Element

Get to know us on a personal level, discover our culture and see our current openings and opportunities.

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Let's Talk Transformation. Yours.

Now that you've seen our story, we'd like to learn more about you and talk about how we can help you achieve more than you ever thought possible.