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We Drove $1 Billion in New Investments

The Challenge

Mercedes-Benz Financial Services was launching a new investment product, First Class Demand Notes, to affluent, accredited investors. They turned to us to efficiently identify this narrow audience, create specialized messaging for them and guide them to a website where they could learn about the program, get qualified and make an investment in it.

Our Approach

We paired audience segmentation tracking and diminishing return analysis with creative performance tracking to get a carefully curated audience the right message at the right time for the right ROI. Creative provided a seamless journey from social/digital to direct mail to a website that aligned with Mercedes-Benz brand standards.

The outcome

High conversion rates. Extreme efficiency. And more than $1 billion in investments six months ahead of our scheduled goal.

$1BIn fund investments

6 MOSClient goals reached 6 months ahead of schedule

7xConversion rate of industry average

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