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Create New, dynamic business growth solutions.Disrupt. Repeat.

In a marketplace with more than 500,000 brands, the average American has 34 gigabytes of advertising data pushed at them every day. Approximated in words, this would make for a book about the size of “The Hobbit.” It’s no wonder why modern consumers are overwhelmed and elusive.

Making any kind of meaningful connections with customers as they flow through brand ecosystems requires marketers to continuously unlock new ways to rearrange and integrate the elements of data, marketing and innovation to create custom answers for unique challenges.

That’s what we’re built to do like no one else.

An Outcome-First Approach For Optimal Performance

To achieve transformational business results for our clients, we’ve brought together a team of thought leaders, category experts, makers and doers from across disciplines and empowered them with the technological resources to go beyond what’s been done before. Where others see chaos, we see opportunity. To study. To parse. To unify. To understand. To navigate. And, ultimately, to FUSE together a bespoke solution that connects the dots and catalyzes our learnings into insights and action.

  1. Discovery & Strategy

    Our approach begins by collaborating with you to determine stated outcomes that we will design and build our strategy, campaigns and measurement frameworks around.

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    Audience Data

    From there, we uncover and analyze data (using more than 10,000 sources of data and applying our proprietary AI-modeling product TRAK) to develop a unified view of your audience and a holistic plan to drive performance.

  3. 02


    Next, we strategically apply insights to bring messages to life in ways that stand out in crowded marketplaces.

  4. 03


    To ensure we reach the right audiences at the right time, we manage cross-channel media exposure, message sequencing and creative optimization.

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    Our path forms a continuous feedback loop as we constantly analyze how to optimize the metrics that matter to drive future efforts.

The end results are always an optimized customer journey across tactics that drive powerful business growth
for our partners.

Sometimes the best solution is one that hasn’t been invented

Today, keeping up is not enough. You’ve got to lead the way. That’s why when the right solution doesn’t exist, we build it. Fusion92 holds more than 15 patents for products we’ve created to solve customer needs.

Identify AdditionalPathways for growth

Fusion92's Integrative Center of Excellence (iCOE) identifies and solves complex business challenges to unlock exponential growth. This proprietary formula finds new revenue territories based on tension areas discovered within the marketplace and its surrounding context. Our iCOE team combines integrative thinking with innovation to proactively create demand or develop new capabilities for your business.

Talk to us today about a complimentary growth audit.

Our Results04

Remarkable Brands,Measurable Results

For every action a brand takes, there is a reaction. We’re here to ensure that the reaction is explosive growth.


We Drove $1 Billion in New Investments

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We Reinvented Tax Prep 45 Million Times

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We Inspired A Culture of Care

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Ford Direct

We Tuned Up ROI By 400%+

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