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We Reinvented Tax Preparation 45 Million Times


U.S. Patent

The Challenge

With TurboTax leading the DIY tax software market, we needed a disruptive way to capture customers. Each customer we acquired had an extraordinary lifetime value to H&R Block, no matter how we initially reached them.

Our Approach

We created a direct-to-consumer sales channel that saved consumers time and money. With software sent right to their homes, taxpayers could open their packages and install their software using a patented authentication mechanism we created. For consumers who still wanted to shop at retail, we elevated in-store displays and packaging to compete at retail. As we migrated customers to online preparation over the years, these consumers were open to special offers and promotions, such as Tax Identity Shield and subscriptions to next year’s software.

Whether inventing anti-theft/software security technology, testing customer acquisition tactics, developing and refining the online shopping experience, introducing new product lines/extensions or refining their voice and presence in the marketplace, Fusion92 acted as the go-to experts and knowledge base across multiple departments within H&R Block.

The outcome

A lucrative partnership that endured for 19 tax seasons. More than 45 million software products were designed, produced and distributed, resulting in hundreds of millions of dollars in sales.

100M+of dollars in sales



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