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Innovation is cued by curiosity. Join us each month to ask "What if?" and "Why?"


The Future Series is a platform developed by Fusion92 to inspire curiosity.

Each month, we offer thought leaders and trendsetters a stage to share their outlook on the future of technology, industry and our world. 
From blockchain to machine learning, we're covering it all. It's part of an effort to keep learning—more than technical facts and skills, but how to think. 

Last Speaker

Symbiosis - Augmented Intelligence

Fusion92 hosted a new Future Series segment on Augmented Intelligence in our Chicago office auditorium. Our clients, vendors and employees were mesmerized by the insightful musings of our guest speaker, Nikos Acuña.

One client characterized the event as “highly invigorating,” while another said, “Fusion92 never fails to deliver thought-provoking ideas.” 

Nikos is an award-winning author, producer, speaker and futurist. As Chief Visionary at Sizmek, a company that creates advertising solutions of the future, Nikos uncovers the hidden connections between brands and audiences, and encapsulates his findings in the daring video series, "Symbiosis."


We're proud to have hosted the following speakers.

Jonathon Morley

That Book on Blockchain


Symbiosis - Augmented Intelligence

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