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Igniting a Curious Mindset for Ongoing Innovation 

Igniting A Curious Mindset For Ongoing Innovation

What does it mean to dream “utopian” big? With rapid innovations around AI and Web3, we have a blank slate for what’s next. If we weren’t limited to conventional thinking, what seemingly impossible ideas could we have? How could we re-imagine solutions if we were starting a business or even a country from scratch? How could we solve the toughest problems we face without outdated legacy systems standing in the way of our progress? What barriers might be preventing outside-the-box thinking and growth?

In this discussion, Jeanette Turner, J.D., CAIA, shared how the country of Estonia, after regaining independence, took tiger leaps into unchartered territory, over and over again, to achieve extraordinary transformation. She shared the journey of Estonia’s digital revolution, addressing takeaways to inspire fresh, unobstructed ideas to bubble up across the challenges in our lives and as we help clients solve their toughest challenges.

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Jeanette Turner

Advisor to Fintech & RegTech Companies Product Counsel • Regulatory Expert

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