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The Mental Game with Charles Tillman

Put in the Hard Work

Mastering Mindset For Success

Explore the power of mental resilience and psychological strategies with Charles “Peanut” Tillman to enhance performance and well-being in both personal and professional realms.

Charles is more than a high-performance athlete — he is the author of the children’s book “The Middle School Rules of Charles Tillman: ‘Peanut’” and executive of the Charles Tillman Cornerstone Foundation. He also has a master’s degree in emergency management and homeland security, which is no small feat!

He played in the Pro Bowl twice and was named Walter Payton Man of the Year. In his talk, “The Mental Game,” Charles focuses on how to be successful by constantly setting goals and putting in the hard work toward achieving those goals. All of this allowed him to overcome many adversities throughout his life. In his entire college career, he only won six games. But that didn’t sidetrack him from his goal of getting to the NFL:

“It all stems from goals, goals, goals, goals. It might take you a year, it might take two years, it might take 15 years. But you gotta stick to it.”

Charles also outlined his S.C.O.R.E. method that helps him mentally focus on achieving whatever goal he’s tackling next: S = Self-Discipline, C = Concentration, O = Optimism, R = Relax, E = Enjoyment.

Charles focuses on how, through constantly setting and achieving goals, he’s been able to overcome adversity.

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Charles "Peanut" Tillman

Former Chicago Bear and Author

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