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Here you get your best team every time, and you’re a part of it. We treat every project, regardless of scale, with the utmost commitment to collaboration, data, craft and innovation. That commitment starts with the best people doing their best work for your brand.
Matt Murphy
Founder & CEO
As Founder & CEO of Fusion92—a position he has held since launching the company in 1999—Matt serves as the resident visionary, primary strategist and principal force behind the agency's corporate development.
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Doug Dome
Doug is a marketing integration expert, award-winning creative leader and accomplished educator. His leadership and vision is proven to inspire significant agency and client growth.
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Debbie Van Ooteghem
EVP, Business Development & Training
Debbie is a 20+ year veteran in this industry. From project management to client service to strategy, her experience helps her to grasp the bigger picture for our agency and our clients. At F92 she oversees business development as well as creating and managing training programs to help develop our team.
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John Geletka
SVP, Agency Services
A multi-discipline marketer with over 15 years of digital strategy and development to product design and innovation. John has worked on the client side, the agency side and has founded multiple startups. He thrives in the new and uses his rich background in design and technology to drive innovation and bring new thinking to everything he does.
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Jon Dean
Special Advisor
JD has seen and done a lot. As a pioneer of data-driven and programmatic marketing, he’s worked with 100+ brands across a range of creative, media and technology services. JD is convinced he used too much gel in his hair as a teenager, and well, the rest is history.
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Meghan McCarthy
VP, Media
With years of client-side experience and a decade in the agency world, Meghan is the leader of F92's media department. Meghan believe that media should be the perfect combination data-driven, insight inspired, creative solutions.
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Josh Hurley
Executive Creative Director
Josh has created some of the most known, awarded and celebrated work of the past 15 years. From A-listers in Super Bowl spots to pets licking computer screens – his work reflects the belief that concept, craft and creativity are at the core of all great work. 
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Mark Skroch
SVP, Client Services
With 20+ years of experience in integrated marketing, branding and launching products, Mark strives to ensure client success, no matter the industry—from mobile to finance to blockchain tech. And as a successful entrepreneur, he’s sat on both sides of the table when building partnerships that produce results.
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Jacob Beckley
SVP, Innovation
For 15+ years, Jake has helped Fusion92 grow into one of the most respected innovation agencies in America. Jake works to change the way consumers interact with everything from mobile entertainment to organizational software.
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Benjamin Cox
VP, Marketing Transformation & Insights
Ben's career has led him to build some of the biggest brands in the US and Europe. He believes that strategy should be based on an empathetic understanding of real behavior across all channels. In everything he does, he looks for innovative ways to drive new growth.
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Tom Zanoni
VP, Business Transformation
With 20+ years of agency experience, Tom has mastered business solutions. At Fusion92, he forms long-term partnerships that address our clients’ toughest challenges. 
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Frank Nicodem
VP, Business Operations
Frank's passions and strengths focus on data and people and combine well with a merger of sincere empathy for the needs of various parties along with a quick ability to understand the big picture.
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