Fusion92 Awarded Patent for AT&T IPTV Service
January 13, 2017

Chicago, IL – Fusion92 has officially been awarded a patent for the technology behind AT&T’s IPTV service, TV Anywhere. The system makes it possible to use an existing DVR unit outside of the United States, an imperative for the telecom giant.

Despite the system’s complexity, it’s easy to deploy and cost-efficient for users. According to Matt Murphy, Founder and President of Fusion92, it takes only 10 minutes for a non-technical user to set the service up.

“AT&T came to us asking for a simple solution to a large, international problem,” said Murphy. “We built a system that connects AT&T users to the products and services they love, no matter where they are.”

TV Anywhere is one of numerous patents filed by Fusion92, which has created marketing related IP for a variety of clients.

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