Fusion92 Creates Innovative Transparent LCD Display for Bosch
November 11, 2015

A traditional LCD display is made up of the LCD layer which displays the image and the backlight which emits the light. A transparent LCD is the LCD layer without the backlight. The backlight is replaced with a white box where an object can be placed.

In this prototype application for Bosch Tools, a consumer can learn more about the newest line of power tools in an interactive and engaging setting. Custom content was developed to demonstrate the features and benefits while still allowing the consumer the ability to see the actual power tool. A consumer can touch the screen to see specialized highly interactive content about key technologies of the tool.

At the point of decision, it is imperative that consumers can be educated not only in the products by brand, but more importantly in the features and differentiators of one product over another. This display provides consumers with that information at the touch of their finger tips, putting the sales process in their hands. They can learn more about what matters most to them, amplifying the consideration and inevitable purchase processes.

This application engages the consumers where they need and want to be engaged, in a way that they are familiar with, while delivering a unique and memorable experience.