Buddig Launches National Advertising Campaign "Lunchtime Anytime"
June 3, 2019

HOMEWOOD, Ill., June 3, 2019 – On June 3, 2019, Carl Buddig and Company (Buddig), along with their newly appointed agency of record, Fusion92, will launch a national integrated campaign aimed at capturing the imagination of lunchmeat eaters while also repositioning the Buddig brand.

Named "Lunchtime Anytime," the new campaign approach allows Buddig to hyper-target consumers based on behaviors and location, because the advertising buy, even for television, is being executed digitally. The fully integrated national campaign includes touchpoints in digital, mobile, TV, video, radio and in-store. Additionally, the creative strategy is rooted in consumer insights around variety of products and usage occasions, trust and an on-the-go lifestyle, which means everything has a purpose and connects to consumers, no matter where they are in their journey.

"As a third-generation, family-owned company, we have carved out a unique niche in our category, by placing a premium on family. Our approach has served us well, as we have seen continual growth," says Tom Buddig, EVP of  Marketing, Buddig. "However, we're at a turning point with the brand and understand the dynamics of how 'family' is defined has changed, as well as how we all consume media. This new campaign allows us to streamline the way we reach our consumers, by focusing less on demographics and more on their lifestyles. Essentially, we're meeting our consumers where they are, with the right medium and message for them."

The campaign launch will kick off with new packaging (already available in some markets), a refreshed website and TV commercials debuting June 3. The creative for this campaign is an evolution from the company's past human-contact approach and introduces humor into the mix. Three new :15 spots titled "Stomach Growls," "What Time Is It?" and "Grandfather Clock" show the hilarious possibilities of what happens when we re-think lunchtime with Buddig. Each digital touchpoint features a vibrant, daypart-specific design system inspired by the new packaging that will have consumers looking at Buddig –  and lunchtime – in a new way. Dynamic video and banner ads feature hundreds of headlines, meal occasions and snack variations to show the value of Buddig through variety, social media posts center around tasty but accessible "snackable" content complete with custom food photography and videos, and a handful of "meatitative" radio spots will have listeners asking, "what is the meaning of lunch?"

"Lunchtime Anytime is the brainchild of our agency Fusion92," added Robert Gay, VP of Marketing, Buddig. "We were at a point where we realized it was time to reposition consumers' perception of our brand and asked all of our agencies to bring us their best. Fusion92 developed this strategic and fully integrated campaign. We have such high confidence in their work and how much they understand our business, that we recently named them our official agency of record."

"We pride ourselves on delivering real-world business results for our clients and we measure our success by our clients' success," said Matt Murphy, Founder & CEO of Fusion92. "We really know the Buddig brand and given everything we know about modern consumer behavior through digital, and the shift in the marketing channels to hyper-targeted and high quality, we know there's no better time to refresh and re-introduce the brand to the market."

Fusion92 has been a roster agency for Carl Buddig and Company for more than 10 years. As a digital-first agency, Fusion92 has incrementally taken on additional responsibilities until recently being named the agency of record for the Buddig brand. The agency remains the digital agency of record for Carl Buddig and Company's other brands, including Old Wisconsin Sausage, Inc. and Kingsford Ribs and BBQ Meats.

About Carl Buddig and Company
Carl Buddig and Company, based in Homewood, Illinois, has been feeding family traditions for over 75 years with the very best in taste, variety and convenience. Owned and operated by the third generation, the company is proud to have welcomed fourth-generation Buddig family members to the business in recent years.

Carl Buddig and Company is the parent company of great-tasting Buddig lunchmeat, Old Wisconsin hardwood-smoked sausage and snack products and pre-cooked ribs and barbecue entrees under the Kingsford brand. To learn more, please visit www.buddig.com and www.oldwisconsin.com and www.KingsfordBBQMeats.com.

About Fusion92
Founded in 1999, Fusion92 is a Chicago-based independent marketing innovation agency that focuses on helping growth-stage and Fortune 500 companies across a number of industries, including financial services, CPG, telecommunications and automotive. As a full-service agency, Fusion92 partners with its clients on consumer engagements that span both traditional and digital media, leveraging its talents in creative, user experience, design, technology and media. Learn more at www.Fusion92.com.