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Fusion92 Announces Partnership With Occuspace to Offer Innovative Insights for Retailers

Intelligent foot traffic analytics and actionable insights for retail spaces

CHICAGO (August 23, 2022) – Fusion92, a Chicago-based marketing innovation company with offices in Chicago, Detroit and Austin, has partnered with Occuspace, a leading occupancy monitoring technology firm, to offer innovative analytics solutions that help retailers better understand foot traffic data, close the media attribution loop, uncover new brick-and-mortar insights and improve the customer experience.

Occuspace provides analytics from the physical world, uncovering real-time visitor data and historical foot traffic trends in real estate spaces through privacy-friendly, plug-and-play devices and cloud-based AI technology. The fast, easy and affordable solution keeps track of spaces with its proprietary machine learning algorithms, while doing so in a secure way that protects visitors' privacy as all data gathered and stored is anonymous, non-personally identifiable information. Occupancy data insights can then be used for a multitude of purposes, such as to better understand how long people stay in spaces and where they spend the most time; monitor and benchmark multi-location businesses; determine staff needs or cleaning schedules; alert people of peak crowded times of day; and trigger marketing initiatives based on traffic flows — among other rationales. The diverse observations can help businesses improve both customer and employee experiences, sales, marketing, retail placements and real estate decisions.

“Leveraging the power of Occuspace solutions, paired withFusion92’s strategic, data-driven approach to marketing transformation, allows us to provide yet another valuable offering for our client partners to help optimize retail experiences,” said Matt Murphy, CEO and founder of Fusion92. “Harnessing data into insights gives us the ability to tailor experiences that positively transform brands, which is at the core of our business, so this partnership brings a targeted, promising opportunity to improve retail experiences more than ever before.”

The Occuspace foot traffic monitoring technology is being used by several top brands and dozens of higher education institutions, delivering secure data that helps inform decisions on the use of commercial spaces and university buildings that ultimately drive improved experiences for customers and patrons.

“We are excited to partner with Fusion92 to bring our version of web analytics to the physical retail world,” said Nic Halverson, CEO of Occuspace. “Our cost-friendly solution offers insights that are sure to help brands drive more informed retail decisions that can positively impact their store operations and customer experiences.”

About Fusion92

Founded in 1999, Fusion92 is a Chicago-based independent marketing innovation company with offices in Chicago, Detroit and Austin that form a Midwest powerhouse that helps growth stage and enterprise brands thrive. The firm’s comprehensive stack of services and products helps bring exponential returns to companies in virtually every industry and vertical. Fusion92 collaboratively partners and serves as a trusted adviser to clients on B2B and consumer engagements that span traditional and digital media, leveraging the firm’s expertise to innovatively solve business challenges. Fusion92’s dynamic technology, integrated content lab (Studio440), media and activation capabilities, AdTech and premium NFT studio (Mint Werx) provide a lineup of differentiated solutions that deliver data-driven results. Learn more at

About Occuspace

Occuspace is bringing new intelligence to the physical world. By capturing how many people are in a space, Occuspace is helping businesses more accurately understand, control and improve the way their spaces are being used to enhance the visitor experience and increase efficiencies and cost savings. The company's easily installed, scalable and affordable sensor technology is changing how people access and view occupancy data and will make occupancy monitoring a standard moving forward. Learn more at


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