Fusion92 Earns Two Additional Patents
May 13, 2019

CHICAGO, May 13, 2019 – Fusion92 is one of the few marketing innovation agencies in the country that can successfully prove its innovative abilities with solid evidence. Fusion92 demonstrates this niche throughout its organization, including the multiple patents they have been awarded over the years. Most recently, Fusion92 was awarded two additional patents for the Software Wrapper Unlock Method and the Mobile Hologram Apparatus.  

The Software Wrapper Unlock Method allows for the unlocking of software with a proprietary algorithm to protect against fraud and can also serve as a proof of purchase validator. Here Fusion92 created a patented method for ensuring that software is legitimate, authenticated and protected. Software manufactures are now able to deliver fully functional unaltered versions of their software to consumers, while ensuring that the software is installed only when allowed, preventing piracy and fraud.

“We saw a problem in the industry that nobody seemed to have a solution for,” said CEO and Founder, Matt Murphy. “Fusion92 is always looking to solve the unsolvable and software piracy has plagued the industry since its inception.”  

The Mobile Hologram Apparatus was developed by Fusion92 as a way to bridge the physical and digital worlds. The self-assembling direct mail piece delivers a video hologram on top of a consumers mobile or tablet device. Leveraging dynamic and engaging video, brands are able to deliver relevant and specific content to consumers in a way that’s never been done before. With a product that enables longer engagement and better response rates, companies are bound to see better returns on investment.

"It is rare that a company is awarded two independent patents for two unique products within a day of each other" said Senior Vice President of Innovation, Jacob Beckley. “This is just one of the ways Fusion92 measures the success of innovation both internally and externally."

For years, Fusion92 has developed strategic solutions through innovative technology. Fusion92 does more than just claim to be innovative; they continue to prove their commitment through new patents and efficient technologies. The agency filed for its first product patent in 2015 and has since been awarded 8 patents, with more to come. Commitment to innovation is just one of the many ways Fusion92 continues to service its clients.

About Fusion92

Founded in 1999, Fusion92 is a Chicago-based independent marketing innovation agency that focuses on helping growth-stage and Fortune500 companies across a number of industries, including financial services, CPG, telecommunications, and automotive. As a full-service agency, Fusion92 partners with its clients on consumer engagements that span both traditional and digital media, leveraging talents in user experience, design, technology and media.Learn more at www.Fusion92.com.