Fusion92 Launches Redbox's First-Ever National Campaign
December 28, 2018

CHICAGO, [December 2018] – Chicago-based Fusion92, an independent marketing innovation agency, has launched Redbox’s first-ever national campaign consisting of two spots: “Prehensile Feet” and “Date Night.” Launching online on December 19, 2018, and running live during the Redbox Bowl on December 31, 2018, the campaign lives up to Redbox’s reputation for offering high-quality entertainment.

The campaign is the agency’s kickoff engagement with the entertainment company, and the agency’s first broadcast work under the creative leadership of Executive Creative Director Josh Hurley. “This is the kind of work that gets creatives excited – the chance to make the sort of communication that entertains and engages consumers in the way a great film or game does.” said Hurley.

According to Fred Ehle, VP of Marketing at Redbox, the spots work because they feel more like cinema than ads – “We wanted them to feel like tiny bits of a documentary, like a trailer or a scene plucked from a film. You get the feeling there’s more footage out there, that it’s part of a larger story.”

John Geletka, SVP, Agency Services at Fusion92, credits the process. “Great work comes from great partnerships. Client. Agency. Production. When it aligns, you get something special. Something entertaining. Something true to the brand. We are beyond excited to be a part of Redbox’s first national campaign.”

Fusion92 tapped award-winning director Dave Laden of Hungry Man Productions to shoot both spots. He was stoked to work with F92 and Redbox, and loved the creative boldness, adding, “It creates an energy that allows more good things to happen and for the best ideas to find their way to the top.”

The first spot, “Prehensile Feet,” introduces viewers to Yaki, an entirely regular man who gets incredible joy, and a lot more “all,” from Redbox’s entertainment offerings by way of having feet that work like hands.

View the Prehensile Feet spot here.

The second spot, “Date Night,” introduces viewers to couple Kristen and Todd. For some couples, getting hitched was their smartest decision. For Kristen, renting with Redbox reigns supreme. After all, with the brand’s variety and value, what could be smarter than that?

View the Date Night spot here.

The campaign was further supported in social through strategic responses with fun memes and GIFs available for download on giphy.com.