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Fusion92's EVP, Data & Analytics on Navigating Consumer Privacy Concerns

**This article originally appeared on The Drum on May 10, 2023


As we explore the latest issues surrounding advertising data, a dozen agency leaders explain how they’re helping clients navigate rising consumer concerns over privacy.

By Sam Bradley
May 10, 2023

Consumers are getting more concerned about their privacy online. In the UK for example, think thank Demos has been lobbying the government to update the Data Protection Act to keep up with modern advertising. It might be a while until that happens, but it seems that the wind is blowing in one direction only.

Agencies need to make marketing dollars work as hard as possible – brands exist to turn a profit, at the end of the day. But consumer privacy concerns are rising to the point that advertisers have a chance to gain (or at least preserve) goodwill by easing off on the gas.

We asked agencies in the US and the UK how they were advising clients in this area.

How do you solve a problem like...navigating consumer privacy concerns?

Dave Nugent, executive vice-president of data and analytics, Fusion92: “We go beyond industry standards to protect the presumed knowledge marketers have of consumers by implementing self-regulating measures that limit access to the data. If we gain access to legally obtained third-party marketing data that feels too invasive, we’ll either avoid the data or impose conditions that require us to be the only ones who can activate it. We can ensure the advertiser doesn’t inadvertently cross a line, ruining the consumer experience. If managed properly, the utilization of consumer data can be mutually beneficial — the advertiser can target their messages better, and the consumer is exposed to relevant offers.”

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