Fusion92 Presents the Future Series on Blockchain
March 8, 2018

Chicago, IL – Fusion92 hosts the inaugural platform for curiosity and innovation called the Future Series.

Each month, Fusion92 brings in speakers from all over the world to share their views on technology, industries, creativity, and curiosity. With curiosity being at the core of Fusion92's values, we see this as a valuable platform to foster that mission.

Jonathan B. Morley, author of That Book on Blockchain, spoke to our team about the technology behind cryptocurrency, then stayed for coffee and conversation. He commented afterwards that he has never seen a more engaged and curious company culture.

We certainly can’t cover every topic in an hour! But, whether you’re brand new to the crypto-space or a well-seasoned guru, Jonathon's talk on That Book on Blockchain piqued our interest and served as a motivator for further exploration.

We look forward to our next speaker as we continue to develop our culture of curiosity and innovation—both internally and externally!

About Fusion92

Founded in 1999, Fusion92 is a Chicago-based independent marketing innovation agency that focuses on helping growth-stage and FORTUNE 500 companies across a number of industries including financial services, CPG, telecommunications and automotive. As a full-service agency, Fusion92 partners with its clients on consumer engagements that span both traditional and digital media, leveraging our talents in user experience, design, technology and media. Learn more at www.Fusion92.com.