Fusion92’s Jacob Beckley and Former Chicago Bear, Charles Tillman, Row 65 Miles Across Lake Michigan in Fight Against Childhood Cancer
September 3, 2019

Chicago, September 3, 2019- On September 1st and 2nd, Fusion92 Senior Vice President of Innovation Jacob Beckley teamed up with former Chicago Bear Charles “Peanut” Tillman to row 65 miles across Lake Michigan to raise money for ROW4KIDS.  

ROW4KIDS is a partnership between the Beckley Foundation and the Cornerstone Foundation. The Beckley Foundation supports investigation and research into finding cures for childhood cancers, specifically for neuroblastoma, while the Cornerstone Foundation focuses on the devastating effects childhood illnesses have on families.These two leaders were brought together by a common goal: supporting families and children affected by childhood cancer by generating awareness, funding for research and spurring renewed vigor to fight back against the disease.

Beckley, who has been with Fusion92 since May 2008, leads the company’s overall innovation platform, which includes fostering a culture of curiosity, research and development, utilizing technology-based solutions as well as managing the firm’s technology, dev-ops and product teams. During that period, Beckley has earned nine patents across a wide variety of hardware and software products and solutions for Fusion92 clients. In 2016, Beckley started the Beckley Foundation to spread awareness for underfunded childhood cancer.

Charles “Peanut” Tillman was a cornerback for the Chicago Bears for 12 years and played with them in Super Bowl XLI against the Indianapolis Colts. He also made it to Super Bowl 50 after playing with the Carolina Panthers for a year. In 2013, Tillman was named the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year and has been chosen for two ProBowls during his NFL career.

In 2005, Tillman started the Cornerstone Foundation, in part as a result of experiencing a traumatic medical issue with his own daughter. She had to receive a heart transplant after being diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy. Thanks to the Berlin Heart, a device that helps the heart’s ventricles pump blood to the lungs and body, she was given support until her heart transplant was ready. The CornerstoneFoundation aims to keep families out of homelessness and hopelessness because of insurmountable medical bills.

Beckley and Tillman launched their row in St. Joseph, Michigan on September 1st and made landfall 25.5 hours later after rowing nonstop to Chicago’s 31st Street Harbor. Beckley, along with help from Tillman, spent more than six months building the custom rowboat for the endeavor. To date, they have raised nearly $300,000 and have been featured extensively by local and national media as a result of their efforts.  

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