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Pepsi's New Logo - A Designer's Viewpoint

**This article originally appeared on AdAge on March 29, 2023


We asked the experts to weigh in—here’s what they said

By Tim Nudd

March 29, 2023

Everyone loves to hate on a new logo. That is, until one comes along that most people seem to genuinely like.

This appears to be the case with Pepsi’s redesign, unveiled this week. Created in-house and led by PepsiCo Chief Design Officer Mauro Porcini, the soda giant’s new logo and visual identity—its first since 2008—are meant to reflect boldness and energy, as well as pop-culture and digital cachet.

The Pepsi wordmark is back in the Pepsi globe, and a custom all-caps font and new colors—electric blue and black—refresh the essence of the brand. Ripples radiating out from the logo connect the brand to its love of music, and a can silhouette is designed to work, emoji-like, as a flexible visual shorthand.

Ad Age polled a number of designers about the new identity, and the reaction was largely enthusiastic—with a few detractors. Below are some of their thoughts and insights about the changes.


Executive Creative Director Fusion92 and Mint Werx

Personally, I like the new logo and can see how the simplicity and boldness of this 2023 iteration will help Pepsi cut through the cluttered digital space. Similar to restomod cars, the new Pepsi logo brings a modern take on an American classic. A confident brand like Pepsi is wise to transform with the times. I can see applications of this refreshed logo across many different platforms, from a metaverse concert to a video game reward to retail and beyond. The new logo design will allow my “Pepsi Generation” to harken back while inspiring the “current/next Pepsi Generation” to feel connected to this iconic brand.

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