Marketing innoVation Case Study


With TurboTax dominating the DIY tax software market, we needed to find an innovative way to reach consumers.


Fusion92 pitched H&R block a breakthrough idea... skip store shelves entirely, creating a direct-to-consumer sales channel for their tax prep software, saving consumers time and money.
Fusion92 took over H&R Block's retail channel operations in 2017 to handle tax software packaging and in-store displays for retailers like Office Depot, CVS, Staples, Best Buy, Meijer and Walmart.

In addition, we patented software and rolled out a new online authentication mechanism designed to streamline the software installation experience and close the door on illegitimate copies of the software.


In 2022, we're underway in our 18th tax season partnering with H&R Block. Over the past 17 seasons....

- Over 45 million software products designed, produced and distributed
- Hundreds of millions of dollars in sales
- Hundreds of unique SKUs across 18 retailers