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Behind every successful campaign is a "key insight." To identify it, our team mines psychographic and demographic data from a variety of sources. As a data-driven agency, facts inform everything we do.
Gifted with a "key insight," the creative team brings it to life. From recipe videos to the banner ads adorning your browser, our creatives imagine and produce assets that drive awareness and deliver our clients results.
A campaign cannot be successful unless it's delivered to the right place at the right time. Our media team ensures that our clients always reach their target where they're at, optimizing and remarketing for sustained exposure.
We have a technology team because not every client concern has a conventional solution. Ranging from custom web development to proprietary product construction, we can do it all at any scale. Our focus is always on innovation.
Analytics and marketing innovation go hand-in-hand. With a wider range of data available than ever before, our team can capably source it, manage it and apply it with greater efficiency and accuracy.
Though e-commerce is relentlessly ascendent, there is still time to link your offline and online efforts. From trade show installations to door hangers, our team specializes in directing consumers to online spaces through enticing targeted creative work.
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Raymond James
Rich Media, Social, Video

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"They're focused not only on our business, but our clients. They're extremely innovative and passionate about what they do for us everyday."
Jody Vanarsdale, Director of Software Sales & Operations - H&R Block
"Fusion92 knows how I think. I sleep well knowing they are on the job. Amazing dedication to our account at all levels."
Drew Izzo, Chief Marketing Officer - Oanda
"Fusion92 is committed to bringing new and innovative ideas to help us grow our business."
David Pizzolato, Group Brand Manager - Bosch Power Tools
"Fusion is truly an extension of my marketing team. Their teams ask the right questions, challenge status quo, create campaigns with end goals in mind and are all around a pleasure to work with!"
Nancy Robles, Head of Marketing - Nadex

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